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About Us

You deserve fair compensation – without compromise.

K.C. McKee Medical Development is dedicated to helping Ontario’s health care providers because we understand the importance of time and fair compensation for those who have dedicated themselves to helping others. We are passionate about making sure physicians receive what they have earned. We believe that physicians should not have to spend their valuable time doing paperwork, dealing with frustrating software, or worrying about if they will be compensated fairly. Instead, we believe that physicians should receive fair compensation and have more freedom to see more patients, or relax and recharge.

Our premium medical billing service will take care of all your billing needs. Our experienced account managers are dedicated to boosting your profit while freeing up your schedule. Let us seal revenue leaks, increase claim payouts, free up your time, and find claims you have been missing out on. Most of all, let us help you get the peace of mind you should have about your OHIP medical billing.

Currently, we offer our medical billing services to physicians in Ontario. If you are a physician in Manitoba, please refer to our sister company, Progressive Medical Development. Together with over 30 years of professional medical billing experience, our account managers can easily handle OHIP medical billing for any physician working in any specialty.


Kevin Charles McKee, Founder

Kevin Charles McKee was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in Mississauga. He attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, where he obtained a degree in Forestry and another in Biology. He enjoyed a career in forestry and earned a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) designation before founding K.C. McKee Medical Practice Management and Billing Services Limited in 1992.

Kevin always had a keen sense of business techniques and craved the independence that entrepreneurship would provide. K.C. McKee began as a home-based business, run out of the loft in his log home in Lappe, near Thunder Bay. Having the business based out of his home allowed him to spend more time with his wife and three children, but the business grew rapidly in the first few years and he quickly moved his office to its current site in Thunder Bay.

K.C. McKee Medical Development has continued to expand. Kevin and the staff at K.C. McKee consider the unique needs of each physician in order to maximize the billing potential for that individual. Our attention to detail and extensive efforts to follow up on claims that OHIP has rejected result in increased income for our clients. Physicians trust us to take care of the billing side of their business, so they can get on with taking care of their patients.

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