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At K.C. MCKEE We Save Your Time and Income

Are you a physician or medical practitioner losing income and your time due to improper billing systems or incomplete billing by your staff? You must be getting frustrated because of the hidden losses you are experiencing. Your team may have spent a lot of minutes arguing about a claim rejection while they are required to deal with patients and answer some calls from clients.

K.C. MCKEE is a medical billing firm that can help you to banish your nightmares. Our account managers have 30 years of experience.  The K.C. McKee Medical development ‘s billing service has sealed many revenue leaks and increased claim pay-outs with success rates second to none in Ontario.
K.C. MCKEE Medical Development will help you to have:

  • Little to no frustrationYour staff will no longer be frustrated with burdensome paperwork or tiresome software
  • Freed up schedules -More time to work as staff will not be following up on revenue leaks
  • Safe and secure information sharing– We protect your data by end-to-end protection. We can teach you how to send your data securely.

Ontario’s medical billing specialists

Our premium Ontario Health Insurance Plan billing service has grown to be the top in the medical billing and support of the private practice of the physicians in Ontario.

Our clientele

We serve significant specialties including but not limited to the following:

  • Surgeons   and surgical assistants
  • Internal medicine practitioners
  •  Anesthetists
  •  Pediatricians
  • Emergency medicine and intensivists

We follow up your claims and rejections until the very time they are paid. In the meantime, you concentrate on attending to your patients

Competitive rates

We charge our clientele a competitive rate of 2 % per month. Our account managers’ attention to detail ensures that each of our client’s particular needs is taken into account before providing and billing the service.

Contact us today

Contact us now  to get closer to your service. You can also consult us here for free. We do not tie you to contracts as our service is on a monthly basis and you can withdraw from it anytime you so wish.