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OHIP stands for Ontario Health Insurance Plan. The Canadian government provides basic health care to those who live there and who meet the eligibility requirements. It’s paid through taxes. OHIP pays for many health care services. It pays for services that are medically necessary and are helpful for the residents of definite area. These services also include visits to a family by doctors and specialists. Most basic and emergency health care services are covered by OHIP.

Canadian Health Acts

Different Health Acts are followed by the Canadian government for the welfare of the citizens. All of these also fall under the coverage of OHIP.

  • It’s managed by the public authority.
  • Completely nonprofit services.
  • Subject matter to audits.
  • All clients receive medically necessary treatment.
  • Every resident is entitled to fair & equitable insurance coverage.
  • Continuity of care between provinces & territories.
  • Out of country coverage provided within guidelines.
  • Residents of all regions are entitled to the same medical care.

Federal government helps in different ways and works in partnership with provinces/territories to finance national healthcare. OHIP services enable the people of different communities to get proper service in due time. Provinces and territories responsible for governing their own healthcare services decide how much money goes to healthcare, where to locate hospitals, how many physicians they need, and supplementary health services to cover. Proper independent measures are taken so that the people can get proper ideas on how to be the members of such services. Providing Health card is one of these services. People who are eligible for these are necessarily provided with health which later enables them to get swift services. Setting, administrating, and monitoring national standards are the basic duties covered by OHIP. It follows all the results as predetermined by the government and different other rules and regulations too. Payment to provinces and territories under the Canada Health and Social Transfer Act (CHST) is followed effectively. This ensures proper payment procedures. Delivery services are also ensured by veterans so that errors can be omitted. Even inmates of federal penitentiaries and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police get services as it’s covered for all.

OHIP maintains delivering healthcare Funding and managing insured hospital. Along with drugstores different medical hospitals all over the country are instructed specifically with healthcare services. Physician, and allied health services manage & evaluate cost-effective delivery of health services. OHIP controls components of prescription care and public health services. Changing the funding, organization and delivery of primary care for the welfare of the citizens. OHIP also performs the goal of providing higher quality of care and reduce costs by having several physicians in a network. Physicians in the group will receive based funding on the number of clients and services provided which is also known as population-based funding. In some circumstances, if a person or number of people are already insured by OHIP and choose to travel, work or study outside of Ontario but within Canada, they may still be eligible for continuous Ontario health insurance coverage. Sometimes a limited amount of services are also provided for out of country patients for definite period. All Ontario residents who travel within Ontario by ambulance for medically necessary services and who have a valid Ontario health card are required to pay a portion (co-payment) of the ambulance services rendered in the amount of $45.00. The person also receives benefit under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act or the Family Benefit Act. The person is being transferred from one hospital or health care facility to another for insured, medically necessary treatment, they will also be entitled with receiving certain home care services approved for this exemption. Long-term care home, special care home or residence for psychiatric patients are also ensured by OHIP.

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