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Our account managers have a proven track record. We know how to increase collections – and your revenue.


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With a flawless track record of safety and security, you can trust K.C. McKee with all of your billings.


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Enjoy the freedom of a month-to-month medical billing service that keeps us at our best and you in control.

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K.C. McKee Medical Development’s premium billing service will increase your revenue while saving you time spent on paperwork. Let our account managers manage your OHIP medical billing efficiently to make sure you get the most out of your practice.


Premium Medical Billing

As best OHIP medical billing service, K.C. McKee will increase your claim payout, seal your revenue leaks, and save you precious time while doing it.

Safe and Secure

At K.C. McKee, your sensitive data will be stored on private servers, protected by end-to-end encryption. We will also help train you to send your data safely.

No Obligation

Our billing service operates on a month-by-month basis to your benefit. No intimidating contracts necessary, let us prove our worth every single month.

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Kevin McKee

Kevin Charles McKee, founder

Kevin and his staff at K.C. McKee consider the unique needs of each physician in order to maximize the billing potential for that individual. His attention to detail and extensive efforts to follow up on claims that OHIP has rejected result in increased income for clients. Physicians trust Kevin and K.C. McKee to take care of the billing side of their business, so they can get on with taking care of their patients.

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” Niagara Critical Care Associates have engaged K.C. McKee billing services for over six years. Kevin and his staff were instrumental in helping us transform delivery of critical care to a truly independent service. His staff are diligent and proactive in submitting and chasing up billings. He is courteous and always available to discuss matters. He has connected us with various partners province-wide and is helping us navigate the current rough waters. “

– Dr. Ryan D’sa
Niagara Critical Care Associates

Premium OHIP Medical Billing Services